movin' on up

Well, I'm back. But I'm back just to tell you that I'm packing up the Indoob and moving to warmer climates.

Don't get me wrong, the Blogger isn't cold. They have been nice to me and I've enjoyed my stay. But I'm curious about what's going on over at WordPress, so this is me exploring and I'm inviting you along for the ride. I'm not going to delete this account, so it'll always be here for me to return whenever I feel like it. It's also been a year since the Indoob kicked off, so this is the blog-iversary present. New home, new look, and now I won't kill people's eyes with dark print on dark background. I apologize... it's a style I like.

Yet I'm sure there are some Indoobians still wondering why I've been so quiet (even though I said it before in previous posts that I've been busy). I've been busy. Some of my busy business was setting up my new digs at WordPress. I was working on getting a dot com, but I was only half way there. Feel free to click or type http://indoob.com and you'll see what I mean. At least I can say I own a domain (which I've been able to say for a couple years since I built and run my church's site). It's an ongoing project. You're welcome to watch.

I halted everything last month so I could focus on my actual job. However, I continued Twitter since it doesn't take as much time as blogging does. But things at work are looking good and mostly back to normal. So now I can't wait to get back in my writer's chair to continue blogging, poetry, scripts, and anything else I was doing before my little hiatus. I have indoob missed the writing community. I just hope I can better manage my time this time around. I'm sure I will since I have big things planned this year. Wanna know what they are? Then come with me to indoob.wordpress.com to find out more! Tell your friends.

To those that left me comments that I did not reply to on Blogger, I will reply at WordPress.


ScreenwritingforHollywood said...

the new blog looks purrrrty cool! congratulations.

yeah... work!!! aaah am tired me-self.

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