fripodding, evolving and ituning

It's friPoday's iPick time, and iSaac and I decided to review John Legned's latest, Evolver. I thought I was late, thinking the album dropped last week, but that was in the UK. But since I'm such a big Legend fan, I will skip what I was going to pick (Little Shop of Horrors Movie Soundtrack) in favor of my hero, Mr. Legend.

Anyway, we'll start with the lead hit single "Green Light". I'll admit that it wasn't an immediate hit for me, but how often does that ever happen? No doubt I love the song now. And I'll do everything I can to keep myself from overplaying it (this is why I rarely listen to the radio). What drives this song home for me is the featured artist, which is one of my favorite artists--Andre 3000 of Outkast, my favorite rap duo ever. The video is hot too. I wish I was there. And I wish I could just walk up to some girl and be like "Gimme the green light!" I'm sure I could in an alternate universe, or if I was John Legend or Andre 3000. One note I want to make known, I dislike when the first single is the first track. (Technically the first track is an intro... but still... stop it.)

"It's Over" - Features the great Kanye West and his new best friend the vocoder thing that makes your voice sound robotic. I personally dislike this device. It makes you sound like you can sing or carry a tune... while sounding like a robot. Hey, it works in some occasions. Like when Daft Punk uses it. Don't get me started on T-Pain and Lil Wayne... But we'll talk about the song, not bad... It's early, I haven't weeded out my favorites or the songs I'd uncheck on iTunes just yet.

"Everybody Knows" - This is a song I liked the first time I heard it. I love the beat, and then John let's his voice does its thing all over thing song. I'd commit this song to memory just to see if I have similar vocal ranges. Plus the song is just beautiful, yet a little sad. When I finally egt to see him in concert, he BETTER do this song or else I'll be a very angry fan. I'm not going to call it yet, but this could be my favorite song on the album.

"Quickly" - I really like the theme of this song. This should come on right after "Green Light." The message of this song is actually somewhat on a social level, which is another reason I like this song. It's essentially saying "Let's get together and be in love immediately since the world is falling apart and everything is going bad, even though I don't really know you." Yeah, this is another song I'd use on the ladies ;o) ...thanks John.

I just remembered this CD has 16 tracks (15 songs), woot! And this is the first album I bought via iTunes. I think this is enviromentally friendly. No trees were harmed in the purchasing of this album. I digress. I won't review each song because this post will be too disgustingly long. Even for my standards. This album is long enough for me though, unlike the last few CDs that barely make up an hour. Might I add that buying the album was $10? Surely a nice price for solely (souly) the music alone. I got a booklet too (which as of right now I haven't played with or figured out. I don't think it's viewable on iSaac's screen, and if so, I haven't figured that out yet).

I read professional and amateur reviews, since I consider myself in the middle, I will comment and say it's not the best he's done, but it's certainly not the worst. He's still sharpening his craft. I think his next album will be the masterpiece album. I remember when Once Again came out, I was already ready for more. I do like how each album has a sound all it's own. This one does sound like it's evolved and has a grown-up sound to it. Not traditional R&B sounding. Then again, I always felt Legend is in a class by himself.

Give me a week or so, and I will have a good chunk of this album memorized. And I can probably write a more thorough review... and maybe concise reviews of each song. Overall, as of now, this album is hot and I recommend buying it. But then again, I'm biased and would go see him in concert singing the telephone book. Has anyone actually done that yet? That'll be one my music videos. I can see it now...

I've started buying songs (and music videos) via iTunes lately now that I have a credit card I don't know what to do with. Don't worry, it's only a few songs a week. And I still use Amazon.com's services too as long as people keep giving me the codes from Pepsi products. Why music videos when you can see them for free at YouTube? Quality and iPodding. That's why. I know it's possible to save a video from YouTube, but the quality isn't up to par with what iTunes offers. As for buying the songs, credit is given where credit is due. And I dislike bootlegs or people stealing movies, I've since changed my ways about music as well. Sure they get paid, but if I'm a real fan, I should show it and BUY their stuff. If I don't care about them? Well... that's a different story. I don't condone stealing of any kind. Except witty phrases and insults. Especially those that are written on t-shirts.


i am not a halloweenie

We had a nice long 3 hour meeting today. I didn't wanna go. I really didn't. But I did anyway, and I'm glad for it. I ate food. Some food I've never had before. A special kind of chicken. Well, the chicken wasn't special, it was how it was made. I don't care enough to go look up the spelling (sorry, I'm being lazy) but it was okay. It had mushrooms in it. I'm picky. I dislike mushrooms. It's fungus. No thanks. There was also what felt like pine needles, or some kind of skinny leafy thing you find on a bush and can poke people with. Not painfully, but you'd feel it nonetheless... but this was on the chicken. I don't know what it was, but it was poking the inside of my mouth and I was not having it one bit! So I took those off too. Other than that, it was tasty. There were roasted potatoes and ziti that tasted as though it was smothered in some kind of alcoholic beverage. Weird. But edible.

There were also Halloween celebrations going about. Some dressed in their costumes. Some passed out candy. There was also a farewell party, non-Halloween related (see ya later Todd, you taught me well).

I do not celebrate Halloween. You can call it religion if you want to. Knowing where the holiday came from kinda made me not want to give in to the idea of it. Sure it's not as demonic as it once was back in the day. Well, not in the mainstream. Perhaps in dark alleyways or in the woods... but in the office and on prime time TV, it's pretty safe and kid friendly. But knowing it started with occults and stuff makes me not so interested.

Don't get me wrong, I'll take any excuse/reason to party and have a good time. I like candy. I like the sweets. I, on occasion, enjoy terrifying small children. I'm just not going out of my way to do anything special on the 31st. I'll hang a sign on my door that says "tricks only". But then I'd get whores looking for money (*Arrested Development reference... calm down). Whether I give out tricks or illusions, the kiddies won't get candy from me. Maybe I'd tie candy on strings, drop them in their bags, and as they walk out, pull the candies back out of their bags again and laugh. Ah... good times.

Since I'm not promoting Halloween, I changed my mind on tomorrows friPod iPick... which was going to be the soundtrack to Little Shop of Horrors. Hilarious movie. Good music. Totally not my pick for tomorrow to coincide with Halloween.

However, I will be DJing tomorrow night at the soup kitchen in Middletown tomorrow night with my church. It's my only annual gig for our annual Harvest Festival. I sometimes forget being a DJ is on my list of "things to be when I grow up." Bring the kiddies! I wish I could be wearing either of these shirts:

Anyone wanna donate to my "Buy DJ Sterling Silver an Awesome T-Shirt Fund"? There are many items that need a home.*

Totally unrelated notes: this, and many other posts, totally make me a hypocrit--I like reading shorter blog entries so why do I write such long ones? And I totally found a catalogue for geeky guys like myself: TigerDirect.com. They send me a nice magazine every so often, and I drool in it, thus makes me a true geek. But I want it nonetheless. *Yes yes y'all!


i <3 monday!

My brain is severely scattered today. I've managed to complete about 7 files... which isn't too bad, especially for how I've been feeling these past few Mondays. Plus my day isn't nearly over. I'd much rather remain asleep and start work on Tuesday. But that won't work because then Tuesday becomes the new Monday. It's a terrible cycle. Too many distractions. Right now, my grandmother is preparing something that looks like apple crisp. It looks delicious even without being cooked yet. But I feel not-so-good due to a hefty breakfast I made myself this morning. It was good, but maybe a little too good. AND I'm a little sleepy from reading too much into all five of the Saw movies. I've only seen the first two... And those movies I'm not really into. I don't care much for gore and torture. But with my overactive imagination, I read the plots to all 5 movies, and how the devices worked and what happened to all the victims. I did that for about 2-3 hours before I realized I should get some sleep... but I was a bit too terrified to do so because images like to playback in my dreams making it a little too real for me. SO after watching some Marx Brothers movies and a few Sudoku and solitaire games later, I was off to sleep with no torture-related nightmares. My waked-up time was between 6 and 7 am, and I didn't fall asleep until about 3 am. Yay!

Prior to my research into dreary doomland, I hopped back into my screenwriting chair and formatted a previously written script into a more professional-looking one. When I'm in a zone (or away from a computer that has Final Draft), I'll write a rough draft in MS Word, and just use a format I always see in high school or church plays:
BILLY: I ate a rock.
TIMMY: That's too bad.
BILLY: I know. (cries)
It's only 4 pages, but it tells quite a story. I strived for realism in the dialogue, and after having someone read through it, I think I achieved that much. Unlike what I usually write, this is on the dramatic/sad side. It's about the break up of an affair between a guy and a girl who have a secret to share with each other. Hey, it's only 4 pages, I can't give everything away.

I feel like working on one of the last projects I started back on my last writing retreat... which is coincidentally titled "The Writing Retreat." Guess what it's about! That's right... making apple crisp. Well, after sitting in bed trying to clear my mind of senseless violence, I came up with another character to add to the story. The hotel I stayed at seems like it encouraged people to live there... So I came up with a character who lived at the hotel that the main character can interact with at different occasions while he's there. I haven't really touched the story itself since a few months ago, but if I get a chance tonight, I'll rewrite it before working on the actual script itself. All of this after a quick Sudoku of course. I also want to put some time in on my Noah Madison project thanks to Jaden's latest post. I need to schedule time to work on certain projects just so no one feels ignored. (I hear your cries Fickette, I miss you too!)

I have a love/hate feeling towards the actual screenwriting process. I like writing dialogue... but it just takes so long for me sometimes--keeping track of the character's personalities, how they would speak, what they would say, and still making it sound believable... unless every character is just so outrageous, that they can get away with grunts.

I really want to see Wall-E after hearing so much good about it and it's non-use of speech. Better yet, I wonder if I could get my hands on the screenplay to see how that reads.

Okay, I must snap out of it and get back to "real work" and do some early knocking-out-of-the-park numbers so I can slack off on Thursday. We've got a meeting at the office and it's requested I be there so I can bring some food back for my mom. It's supposed to be catered with all sorts of yummies. But I'm in a Monday mood, so I can care less about going to a meeting right now. Even with free catered food. What do I really care about? I want to either be on my laptop or under the covers being unconscious. But we can't have everything, can we? Yes we can! Obama told me so.


the rocky horror sudoku show

I was going to wait to post tomorrow... or later in the week... but my memory isn't being my friend lately. Besides, 'tis the season to chat about festive events such as the one I was at this past weekend.

And where did I go (someone from the crowd in front of the screen asks)? I went to see The Rocky Horror Show brought to us by the talented Phoenix Theater. Interesting way I found out it was happening, I was sitting outside the theater it would be shown and saw this sign hanging above the door. I thought of my friend who liked the movie, and thought maybe she might wanna go. Turns out she did (yay!) and it became an early birthday present for her, which we both enjoyed (double yay!). I bought general admission tickets ($22), but we ended up sitting in the VIP area ($26). And we were so VIP that we were in the front row (VIP was the first 5 rows, tough for those who paid for VIP seats). This was bittersweet for me because where I was, I couldn't see some action going on the far stage left area... Or is it the audience's right? I've been out of theatre for a year and I already forgot my directions. Anyway, where I was sitting, the band was set up, and they had these walls blocking my view of a bed that had some girl-girl action and singing. It wasn't severely important to the main action on stage... but still, I need to take it ALL in, ya know? The FULL effect! Regardless, I highly enjoyed myself and it was a fun experience. I loved the audience participation even though at times it was slightly annoying, mostly because I wasn't used to it. But fortunately I was aware of it and warned my friend that being in the front row might make us unintended targets of some things being thrown. We were safe though. It could've been a lot worse. We might've been attacked with water pistols, hot dogs and buttered toast. Seriously.
As I'm accustomed to doing, I'll write a full review on MySpace like I did for Bill Cosby and other events that entertained me. We went to the first showing on Friday, they did it two more times Saturday night, and they will do it again this coming weekend. So if you're going to be in Middletown this weekend, see if you can get a seat and a prop bag. I wasn't sure what was to be expected... production-wise. But hey, they did great with what they had and it was professional and fun. I say that because I thought I was going to an actual theatre-theatre... But like I said, it was cool the way it was. I wish I brought my camera to show pictures... but at least I included the poster (and it's a link to their site). I love to support the arts anytime I can and I'm aware of it. I had proper notification, so I was able to go. I was asked what part would I take if I got to be in this production... I'll take the narrator's job, thank you very much. I don't think I could rock a pair of pumps and fishnet stockings. I'll pass on all of that. I'd put a link to my review of the show... but I haven't written it yet.
In other news, I have a new obsession and it's not writing/words/art related. (GASP!!) As a matter a fact, it's a craze that hit sometime last year I think, and I never caught on to it because I didn't know what it was. Then when I did, I was like... uh... no thanks. What on earth am I talking about? Sudoku. (For those who still aren't sure how it's pronounced, I've heard it said "suh-DOUGH-coo" but it's Japanese I guess.) Anyway, I forget how I stumbled across it, but I haven't been able to stop playing it for the past few weeks. I addicted to it like college dudes are to porn. I downloaded it to my phone last night after getting tired of running up to my laptop (or creeping out of bed when I have trouble sleeping) just to play one more game. (C'mon, just one more game!) I'm still on easy, but I'm determined to get a faster and faster time. And I'll start out great, but then my brain will fry itself out thinking too hard, and next thing I know I'm crossing the 12 minute mark. My goal is 5 minutes. Not even close. And that's on easy! or "grasshopper" as my phone says. Sigh.
Anyway, back to Rocky Horror, I've since re-rented the movie to relive the... um... magic. I let my friend borrow it, even though she may buy it for herself and ruin what was going to be her birthday present since no one bought it for her yet. Oh well, that's why I have plans B thru E. It's on my list too. I'm not into transvestites or anything like that... but it's highly entertaining in a strange way. I can clearly see why that has a cult following. Hey, I follow Arrested Development on a cult level. That has nothing to do with Rocky Horror, I just wanted to get it in there.
What's that? I hear something... ...Sudoku is calling me. I must go crunch some numbers. Woot!


fripodding and musical televisions

Since I've upgraded to iSaac's 6th generation Classic iPodness, I've been taking advantage of being able to WATCH things as well as listen to them. I also find myself playing solitaire a lot more, which really isn't that big of a deal because iPizzle had that too.

Anyway, since most iPods (except older models and especially screenless iPod Shuffles) can play movies/music videos, I thought for today's iPick, I'd pick a music video. Oddly enough, the video I'm going to pick isn't even in iSaac's library... yet. Before I reveal the pick, let's talk a little bit about the music video industry. (Aren't iPod commercials like really cool mini music videos? There's nothing like watching a commercial for an iPod on your iPod... and no I haven't done that... yet.)

Why doesn't the channel that popularized music videos play music videos anymore? MTV? VH1? Even BET? I'll let BET slide since it never exclusively focused on music videos like MTV and VH1 claimed to. VH1 is supposedly a product of MTV anyway, or it was... I don't know and I don't feel like researching right now.

Why did music videos start getting corny? This mainly relates to hip hop videos and sometimes, it's still the same "check out my car, my money, and my women." And it's usually all rented. Even the women. Sad. I can't really speak though... I haven't watched many music videos since I can't remember when... So maybe things have changed. But I like for videos to be as stimulating as the song is... if the song is stimulating at all. Sometimes the video will make me like the song if I don't care for it. It can make or break a song, really.

Now those 3 channels I mentioned... If they do show music videos, they never show the whole video. I'm sure all of these complaints you've heard or had yourself. I'm just vocalizing it again, that's all. Plus with the world we live in, they know that we know we can find the whole interupted video online.

But alas my fellow Indoobians, there's hope! For those of you who have that digital or enhanced or advanced cable or a dish network and get 2,000+ channels, it's a good chance you have the "sister" or "sequel" channels. You cna call it a "sequel" channel if it's something like MTV2... Which was an all music channel for a while, but it's become a product of it's older brother. Or sister. Don't fret, MTV has just as many channels as HBO. Well, maybe a few less. I have about 5 altogether I think. MTVU, MTV Hit List, MTV Jams, MTV Latino or something... It's in Spanish. They moved MTV2 with them instead of being in the basic line up. I don't know why. But there they are and it kept me busy trying to find new music (which will lead into today's pick shortly).

VH1 has similar channels. Honestly, I don't know how many. I can only think of VH1 Classic right now. They have Pop Up Video. How many of you guys remember that one? Oh yes, it was awesome, indeed! That channel also show videos from the 70's and 80's... well... whenever I stopped by. And there are a few other music only channels I never watch. But at least they're there. So if you have some extra bucks, you can find these music channels and dive into your music videos. The nice thing is there aren't so many commercials, and when there are, it's about the channel. So you don't feel forced to run out and buy a car, Viagra, or shop at Macy's.

While surfing these channels, I came across a guy I liked when he first came out... but no one cared about. Well, they did when he came out with his second album, and now people are paying attention for sure now that his third album "Something Else" has recently been released. I haven't heard it yet, but I'm stuck on the single and especially the video that's been out since this past summer.

Again, I apologize to the Workforce and it's Indoobians, I'd embed the video, but the embedded feature has been disabled on them all. Meaning even if I wrote the code myself on my page, it wouldn't work OR I'd probably get asked to take it down. People are weird. Anyway, the artist formally known as Thicke (when he first came out), the one and only Robin Thicke and his hit single "Magic". Again, the song is hot on it's own... But I want to talk about the video.


After you watch it, then we can talk about it being on the same page and all. Again, the song is awesome. It works so well with the video and I'm glad I got to hear it for the first time while watching it. (Sometimes I'm disappointed with a video after listening to a song before seeing it, and it not being anything I expected.)

Robin Thicke himself has stated he was inspired by Kubrick's 2001: A Space Oddessy which is his favorite movie, and to me is a disgustingly long and trippy movie. It was the 60's. It's a work of art, I respect it and would probably watch it again. (For kicks and giggles, watch the shortend version someone made.) But that's another story for another post. He's also inspired by Michael Jackson and Fred Astaire, which those scenes you can recognize. (When he's dancing with the hat and cane. He said he saw Puttin' on the Ritz and wanted to put those moves in. I've seen it before, but it wows me everytime and who can blame him? That performance is astounding.) More so Michael Jackson near the end in the elevator doorway thingy. I don't know... it just looks so cool. Don't Stop til You Get Enough is one of the inspirations he used. Ya know, back when he was still black and not so weird.

I also saw some James Bond in there. Starting at 2:47 when they just keep panning upwards, it gave me a Bond feeling. Awesome shot by the way. At the same time, I thought of Michael Jackson's Leave Me Alone video and it's use of animations similar to this video. Which is why I and others agree he was the majority of the inspiration for the looks of this video. Among other things like just having a classic disco feel to it all.

Furthermore, I'm a surrealist. And seeing these images of beautiful women stretched out atop of planets or being fragments on gasous lights... Just sexy. The video is the epitome of awesome surrealist sexiness. I'm not against putting sexy women in music videos... it's just how they are shown. This way, they are like models you see in magazines advertizing make up or shoes. This one? Planets! Or they are just dancing and having a good time. I wish I was there... Sigh...

Lastly, on the YouTube site posted above, it says uncut and explicit... It's only different in very subtle ways. Robin Thicke's name appears like the THX logo. And the Fred Astaire scenes take place in space instead of on stage. I don't know what else differs other than that. I used that link also because it's got the best quality. Now I think I'm going to go BUY the video on iTunes and watch it repeatedly.

Oh yeah, and the guy who directed this video did some other awesome videos: LoveStoned & Crazy just to name a few. Robert Hales... you're awesome for originality and I envy you.


wise words from a wise man

Without getting too much into details about how this conversation came to be, this is a father-to-son chat my dad had with me the other night after returning from a court house out of state.

DAD: Don't go to jail in New Jersey.

(awkward pause)

ME: Ooo kaaay... Uh... Dad, I'm trying not to go to jail at all.

This statement was almost out of the blue, had I not known where he was earlier. But it was the timing.

(Just to put minds at easy, none of us have been arrested. However, we keep finding ourselves at court for numerous reasons... which is a whole other story I'll be sure to chat about later.)


"the night we ruled the world"

'Tis a new week. I feel good. I feel pumped. Perhaps this is the week I'm back on my game destroying these files and ranking in the high numbers. Taking back my imaginary invisible crown I pretend I don't like to wear. I wouldn't wear it either, I'd just hang it somewhere so no one would even know I have it. I like to let my work stand out. But I desire some BK French toast sticks first.

In completely non-office related news, I had a long discussion with an old friend, er, brother from Purchase on Friday night... or Saturday morning. It inspired me, no, propelled me to publish a poem I had written but never typed. Due to where it's published, I'm not going to display it here on the blog and I'll make you use the link to read it. It's on Behance, since it's such an awesome site and all, I like to plug where credit is due.

Anyway, I actually wrote this poem while I was at work one day (still in the office at the time) and had Coldplay's Viva la Vida on repeat for who knows how long. But the song was motivation for the inspiration of this poem about my friend, who I reigned as an outlaw king with, on a starry night on campus. (If you've never heard the song, give it a listen, and if you can help it, listen to it while you read the poem.) There's lot of metaphors galore and surrealistic images about in the poem and tells an abstract true story. It's a poem that's really meant for him, but appeals or relates to those who went to Purchase too. I could imagine a lot of my friends having a similar experience to what I portray. One friend has already revealed they truly felt the message I delivered. But I can completely understand if you have no idea about this college, or the relationship my friend and I had, and this one kinda goes over your head. This is just my disclaimer in saying, this one might not be for you. But if you "get it" and enjoy it, then that's awesome! Welcome to a slice of Purchase life. And even if you don't really get it, at least enjoy the imagery I paint. Without further adieu, I present The Night We Ruled the World.

Special shout outs to the Dagger and Magz.


fripodding and young'ns with old'ns

Unlike many popular magazines that I tend to read, there are always reviews of the latest and hottest movies or songs/albums/artists that recently hit the shelves. For both my movie reviews and these iPicks for friPodding, I pick whatever I feel is great at the time. The movie reviews are usually written about movies I've seen for the first time... and those are on the MySpace blog.

Today's pick is somewhat random thanks to watching a commercial I grew to love... along with many other people across the nation. Remember that De beer's commercial with the husband creeping out of bed in the middle of the night to retrieve a diamond necklace for his wife, and then puts it on her while she's still asleep, but then starts to wake up, so then he quickly acts like he's asleep but she still catches him anyway and has that look of surprise and glee? I'd embed the YouTube video... but I'm lazy. Plus I just told you what the commercial is...

However, I'm also a liar on occasion. And my teachers always tell me to "don't tell me, show me." Anyway, this is Cat Power singing How Do I Tell You. This is a cover of Cat Steven's song. And as this commercial shows a happy loving event, the song itself is quite sad. No doubt it's still a beautiful and touching song, but still a little tearful to hear about this guy who wants to tell this girl who is not around how he feels about her. I can't speak for everyone, but I can relate. I haven't dried over the song or over anyone, but I sure keeping it on repeat for a couple hours will make me want to sit in a dark corner and write sad poetry in the midst of my tears. Perhaps that's how this song was written. This is a song I'd love to write/direct a retro music video. I can see a guy walking around remembering the girl he once knew, and possibly showing what may have happened to her. Unfortunately, I wouldn't have the video end on a happy note. Since, as I said, the lyrics aren't really cheerful. Unless you end it with a happy memory. Still, it's depressing because it's the past and you know the dude is in misery in the present.

Regardless, it's an awesome song. And there are times I like something soothing to just mellow out to. Like most people, I prefer a full version of Cat Power's cover... but alas, she has yet to record it and from what I hear, doesn't have plans to. So I made myself enjoy the original Cat Steven's version (I listened to it over and over). Ironically enough, iSaac has Cat Power and Cat Stevens back to back (alphabetically of course) with Powers singing a cover of "Sea of Love" and Stevens singing "How Do I Tell You." There is a lady out there (on YouTube) who recorded a cover of Cat Power's cover of Cat Stevens... it sounds nice, but I don't want to buy it right now.

In other news, I'd just like to say that the youth is taking over. (The youth are taking over? The youth is taking over... It's a single group of people... making it singular... or plural... since it's more than one... youths...) The younger generation is taking over. My friend was helping her mom write a resume. I was teaching my grandmother how to send email. My sister sets up my dad's cell phone. These are things some would assume adults to teach the kids. (Technically, my friend, my sis and myself aren't children... but in the elders eyes, ya know.)

I thought about this as I was assisting my mother in teaching my grandmother how to get around the Internet. She couldn't figure out why or how people could spend all day on it. I recently set her up with her own email address so she can get in contact with her sisters, and even her daughters (one is in PA, the other VA). It was an interesting experience teaching her something that seems to come naturally to me. Not that I've been emailing since I came from the womb, but to have such vast knowledge of how what has become commonplace to society, and to teach others who aren't that familiar, it's kind of an incredible feeling. This woman who makes some of the best food, gave me some of my first acting lessons, and showed me what love for family is all about, and here I am able to give back and teach her something.

Her, my mom and I had some laughs. She was using my dad's laptop and had to use the touch pad. Both my grandmother and mom don't like it that much. I'm liking it more than having a mouse... well, until I get Photoshop or something. But it's little things like clicking on the buttons or getting your cursor to where you need it to be. And I'm not teasing her or anything, it's just that its new and it takes some getting used to.

So the younger generation is taking over and leading the way for both the older and the even youngerer generations to come. And yes, I'm hinting and linking to something bigger like politics. Let the younger guy come in with some new and fresh ideas. C'mon, you know you wanna.

Speaking of that, hopefully I'll be registered in time. It occurred to me a couple weeks ago that I was still registered to vote in New York, when I was schooling at Purchase at the time. Since I don't have plans of going back, nor did I want to take an hour to drive there, vote, and drive back... I figured to just register like a normal person. For some silly reason, I was under the impression I was already registered. I don't know why. But hopefully I'm good to go. So then I do my civic duty, then I'll sit in front of CNN for the rest of the night. I know I probably wouldn't have to, but they have the best political news team. CNN and Comedy Central. Oh yes, I need my Daily and Colbert. However, I have a tough time choosing between Colbert and Leno. I need my nightly news mockings.

Moreover, never have I been so sick of hearing a simple name in the span of 24 hours. You know it... Joe the Plumber. My sweet Lord in Heaven. EVERYONE talked about it. Everyone. And some of the jokes were pretty funny, so I didn't really mind it all that much at first. Yes, he's now the most famous plumber in America. At least there's a face to this guy other than Joe Six-pack who I'm still trying to figure out if he has six pack abs or six pack of beer. I'm thinking the latter. The average guy doesn't have a six pack. ...It's actually a wish the average guy has a six pack. The average girl probably wishes that too. Anyway, I knew I was in trouble when I heard the joke that Joe the Plumber has had more interviews in one day than Palin has had since she was chosen. I heard that four times. Then the truths about Joe started coming out. He's not licensed. He wouldn't really be affected by such and such and blah blah... I'm losing interest talking about it now. Plus I'm feeding into what I don't like. I'm already considering erasing what I typed. Self-loathing? Now I'm depressed. Thanks a lot Cat Stevens! I'm going to go sit in a dark corner now.

Actually, it's lunch time so I'm going to go find nutrients. Later, I'm going to go to work. Office work. I know, I know... I have Fridays off. But I've been behind in my numbers the last couple weeks and I have a reputation (ahem). So I'll sign on for a minute and finish up some unfinished business. I just got promoted! I can't suddenly look like a slacker. Unless I finished all my work early, then and only then can I waste time playing sudoku or window shopping on Amazon.


if you haven't know-ticed...

See that? What I did there with the title? Word play. I love it!

I couldn't wait until Friday so I decided to just post about it now that I did a wee bit of redesigning to my blog. Notice the sidebar (if you are actually looking at the actual page and not reading from a RSS or emailed directly to you, you don't see any change whatsoever and you must immediately check it out... by the way, I love you people who are using the RSS or emailing system, I love you dearly from the basements of my heart.)

Now as I discuss what's on the sidebar, I'm going to go in the order of they are presented as of right now. First, there's the chance to be apart of the Workforce. Or be an Indoober, if you will. I don't really want to use that term, it reminds me of Goober and it makes me think of The Andy Griffith Show. Not a show I really want to be compared with. The pace of that show... How about Indoobians? I like that one. Be an Indoobian in the Workforce and click to be a follower.

Next is the subscribe buttons so you can read my posts and comments via a reader. I have subscribed to a bunch of other blogs this way, although I tend to go directly to their page. I actually forget I have a Google and Yahoo RSS readers.

My Blog List is sort've defines itself. They are my favorite blogs I like reading. And there's a nifty feature that displays the first few lines of said post. So I'm warned what I'm about to get into. I also know when there's a new post. Again, I tend to forget I have RSS programs to tell me that. I'm still a little new with the RSS thing.

I have two polls on my blog right now. Both are serious questions about non-serious things, but I'm curious to know what you, the reader, think, because I care. I want your vote! I apologize, I almost went into a political mode. With all these politicos going on, I can't help but to do the confused doggy head tilt when news networks unveil the latest poll saying who's up and by how many points. Why? For one thing, the numbers aren't always the same when you change the channels. Perhaps they're close... but really... who can you believe? The other reason I try to ignore polls is because I know the technique in how some sources get their answers. WORD PLAY. It's all in the wording of the questions pollsters might ask to get a desired response. Is this the truth all the time? No. Fortunately, lately, they've been asking different questions like "What VP has the best hair?" And the majority says Palin with the next answer being "undecided." Lastly, the other reason I'm so-so on the polls is I don't know who they are asking. Again, sometimes they'll tell you "This survey was conducted on our website" but sometimes, they just throw the numbers out there to watch you react. The main numbers I'm concerned about are the actual votes on Election Day.

I digress. That has nothing to do with my polls. I'm asking questions about Christmas shopping and Seinfeld.

The live traffic feed is something I kinda stole from my friend Jaden over at Screenwriting for Hollywood. First of all, that's a great place for movie information, especially from a screenwriting point of view. And as a young scribe, I can learn a lot from someone who has been in the business and has experience to guide both beginners and professionals alike. I forgot what I was talking about... oh yes, the live traffic feed. There's a nifty little map on the sidebar that shows all the hits from all over the world of visitors to this site. I wanted one too. I know I only get maybe two hits a week, but still, those two hits matter to me. So it wouldn't be exact copying, I decided to choose the option of showing me the flag and where my visitor came from. There are more little things to click on to show you a big map, how long ago they visited, where they clicked from, stuff like that.

The next one is "What's iSaac Doing?" It's all in caps, so I broke it down for you... iSaac is my iPod. 95% of the time, iSaac is wherever I am. Maybe 55% of the time, iSaac is playing something. How these little feature thing works, I have to have iTunes on and running in order for my little gadget to say what iSaac is currently playing, even though iSaac might not be playing anything at all. The POINT is that this shows what iSaac could be playing. Plus, I leave my laptop on all the time. So I decided to let iTunes run all the time so it'll look like there's always some music playing on my blog. Obviously you as a reader can't hear it... that costs money. Someday... The Indoob Workforce Radio with iSaac and DJ sterling silver. And yes, that show would be awesome.

Ya know what else would be awesome? If the official Black American Flag looked like this:

That has nothing to do with my sidebar. I just remember seeing it in a music video and recently in the latest VIBE magazine. I'm really pro-diversity and love for the mixing and mingling of all races and backgrounds... but we all have backgrounds and this flag looks pretty cool to say "Hey, I'm a Black American." Political correctness would have me say African American, but what does that say about Jamaicans and Haitians? Or even black folk in England? Huh? HUH? Just curious. Plus I can say yes if Eddie Izzard asks if I have a flag (watch Dressed to Kill).

The next three parts of my sidebar have been there since I started the blog. My Behance badge, which features my profile and a quick way to read my poetry or any other works. It's a great way for artistic and creative people to get together with one another. MySpace wishes they had it like this. Evidently, this is how I found Melissa's Writing Forward. The next is my "Bio" which I may actually add a bit more to later. But the sentence sums me and this blog up... in a sentence. Heh... Then its the acrive so you can trace me back to the beginning of the blog. Woot!

Unrelated--my last post was about poverty and a charity I like is ONE.org. Check them out, they are doing great things that doesn't get media attention... except their own commercials. Anyway, I forgot to mention another great cause-- FreeRice.com! It's fun, educational and helpful! "Fun and education? I don't believe it!" Believe it sir or ma'am or thing. It started out with a fun word game that everytime you picked the right synonym, they'd donate 20 grains of rice. Then you work your way up the levels. Obviously the higher you go, the harder the words. Words you never hear unless you have a pompous college professor who speaks over your head anyway. I actually cheated from level 30 to level 36 before I switched subjects. There's chemistry (I skipped that), Spanish and other languages, math, and grammar. Math is the easiest with the multiplication... and it's the fastest way to rack up rice points. The 20 grains add up. And I did my bit of charity today by playing the game for an hour. You know how much rice I raised? 10,000 grains. No, it wasn't easy. But I fed a couple wee children. I may have missed out on an hour of work... but one of our systems was down anyway. I say all that to say this: go there. Feel stupid for not knowing words nobody important knows anyway all for a good cause! Special shout out to Kathy who told me about it first.

I don't know how long I'll keep this part: The moon pic of the day. I have a thing for the moon. I'm a nocturnal creature. I don't howl at it (anymore) but I do love to stare up at it. Sometime write poetry in it's majestic bluish light. It's nice. I like it. The pics? They're okay. I just wanted to try something new. Furthermore, if you scroll down (or just hit "End" on your keyboard), you'll see "Woot! Watcher." It won't take you long to figure out why I have this on my blog. If you've read most of my posts, you would know why. If you don't, just read the previous paragraph and you'll find one of my catchphrases. The things featured in the section are sometimes woot-worthy by my standards. But really, I don't care. I check it once in a while. Right now there's a Dyson vacuum. I like their commercials but you have to be outside your mind if you think I'll pay over $300 for a vacuum. Actually it might be $600. I can't remember. It's been that long since I've worked for the Mart, and yes, they would sell them. Somehow.

These are my updates, so now you know. Follow, subscribe, read my friends, vote, vote again, stalk, read what I hear, read stuff I do, read about me, read what my past, and howl at the moon. Woot!


B.A.D. 2008: Poverty

'Tis Blog Action Day for the year 2008. Where blogs and podcast all across the planet get together for a worthy cause--to aid in the war on poverty.

Sadly, it sounds like another victory-less battle, such as the war on drugs, war on terror, war on the obese. But there's no reason to not try! Had I been on top of my poetry game this year, I might've had a Poetry Show this week to go along with BAD '08. Every show, I charge admission to be entertained one can per person. Or I try at least. Then I donate the goods to the local supermarket's food drive.

Some know that the charity I'd most likely give to is anything dealing with the arts. But overall, you need to eat before you can create. You can only write, paint, sculpt so much before you turn around and try to chew on the paper, paints and clay. If you are about 1 or 2 years old, I might let it slide. Just as long as it's not toxic. But I'd much rather you eat something nutritious. And yes, I talk to wee children like they are grown people. They'll understand when they're older.

As for other campaigns on the march to destroying poverty, I like ONE.org. I was trying to donate and get me one of those nifty white bracelet things. Everyone has the Livestrong yellow band... and I didn't want to be like everyone. I'm sure if I was running for some office, someone would instantly turn this into "t. sterling watson is FOR CANCER!" Yes, I stole that idea from the movie Head of State. Anyway, the ONE organization wants to eliminate poverty in Africa. Poverty and AIDS to be exact. Again, it's not something that will happen immediately, but who's to say that it won't at all.

Personally, the way I see it: I'm not trying to save the world. I trying to save just that one little boy or little girl, or both if I'm feeling tender hearted, warm and gushy inside. And you know that one kid, you see them all the time on the "Save the Children" commercials where the host-dude makes you feel bad for buying a cup of coffee when you could be using it to buy that poor child some rice. I'm not saying I'm not affected by these ads. I just wish they end on happier notes. Like those before and after shots: "This is my home before" (and it shows some shack or whole in the mud, and a naked boy with no food) "but this is me now!" (A nicer shack, the boy has some meat on his bones, he's in school and is smiling and wearing clean clothes) "Thank you for sponsoring me!" And the commercial ends. But I know that won't pull at the heart strings as much. I know their tricks.

Nevertheless, it's all for a good cause. I'm going to do my part and save a child or donate what I can to whomever I can. The ONE.org place is a good place to start. They email me a lot and unfortunately they started going into the spam box. It wasn't intentional, honest. But if you can sponsor a child, go for it. If you know of a local food bank or pantry that accept donations, buy some extra cans to donate there. They say charity starts at home. I really don't know who "they" are, so I just give wherever I can and see a need.


write about now

Lately I'm finding more time to myself now that I'm getting other... I don't know... I guess you can call them distractions... but they are getting out of the way. One of the bigger issues was getting Sam back, which I have done. It's not completely taken care of yet since I still owe some $$$ on the repair job. At least it's inspired me of yet another project to work on tentively titled "Adventures in Having a Car." It will showcase the "joys" of operating a motor vehicle. A big segment will be devoted to "The Law" and all the fun you can have going to court for various reasons like driving and talking on you cell phone (which is illegal in Connecticut), driving an unregistered and/or uninsured car, and my latest offense--speeding. In one episode, we'll talk about why and how you can benefit fighting a ticket and what happens if you don't. Then we'll shed some light on yet another reason I might want to leave Sam and CT for the subway and cab-filled city of New York.

To shed some light on where this idea came from, I got a notice from the lovely DMV telling me I need to take a course in driving safety or else my license will be suspended. This is due to me just paying my speeding ticket thinking that it will be over and done with. I was mistaken. Sigh.

But back to the writing--I sit at my console (I love saying that) and I look through my list of projects to work on and never actually get around to working on any of them. I get distracted by other things I have on my table (which is usually half of my bed) which consists of unwatched movies and unread books. Wednesday I got a good 2 hours of harp learning and practice in. Saturday and Sunday I did some Spanish exercises. You can expect me to throw in some Spanish from time to time here. Furthermore, Saturday night I finally watched The Forbidden Kingdom which has been sitting on my bed for the past two weeks. I still need to finish watching Freaks and Geeks so I can return those to Netflix and get more DVDs to sit on my bed unwatched for weeks at a time.

Speaking of my room, I was terrified of a freakishly large spider hanging out on my jeans yesterday. I wasn't wearing them yet, and at first glance thought it was a ball of string. My God I was wrong. I'm not a girl. I don't scream. I voiced a very manly "WHOA!" and tossed them in the middle of the room, watching them cautiously lay there being passively occupied by an intruder with 6 extra legs. I grabbed one of four shoes I found and pounded around looking for this quarter-sized pants-stealer. I found him/her eventually and committed spidercide, then vacuumed the body, put on my pants, and went to church. No forgiveness was asked. I think there's a rule somewhere for spiders thou shalt not touch another man's garments or something.

I wrote an article years ago for my high school news paper about my friend Billy, who was a spider living in my room. He stayed by the ceiling, and we had an agreement that he would never cross the line, and I won't kill him. Unfortunately, my mom told me she killed him and didn't tell me, and an imposter Billy came about, but failed to recognize the treaty. I do believe I killed that one once I learned of Billy's fate. But I find it humorous thinking "what if..." What if who I killed Sunday was actually Billy? Or maybe Billy's offspring seeking revenge? I didn't see a resemblance. Billy was much smaller than this beast. I don't think they were remotely related.

I digress. Severely. I really wanna write a script or something but have a hard time choosing from projects I've started. But I think I'm going to set a goal for myself this week to work on some of the serial works I have. Like the Fickette McSavvy cartoon. At least I can have a pilot episode written. At least. Or maybe my Noah Madison stories. Something. I need the juices to pump and flow. I need the euphoria of accomplishment. Hmmm... I like that. Plus you just don't know how long I've been waiting to throw a word like "euphoria" out and have it actually mean something. I decree that will be the middle name of a future child! Do you hear that future wife and mother to that child(ren)? ______ Euphoria Watson. Heck! It even works as a first name. And it is written. Other names I like to throw in the ring: Jade, Phoenix, Nefertiti... I can't think of the others right now.

I'm not sure when the writing will occur. Possibly tomorrow evening after work and before Fringe. Maybe late on Thursday night. Sometime during Friday or Saturday? Who really knows? Plus I have a number of books to complete/study/skim. So I must make time for that also. Stay in school, kids.


fripodding and office space

So it's Friday again, and we all know what that means...

Pay day? (Not for me.) Pizza for lunch at school? (Perhaps for those schools that are still open on Friday.) TGIF on ABC? (Does that still come on anymore?) New movies in theaters? (Well... yeah, but how often do I go to the movies on a Friday for a new release? ...That soon may change though.)

Basically, it's time for my friPod iPick brought to you by my iPod iSaac. [This is where I'd have my in-house band play a little jingle as the previous words animate themselves on the screen.]

Today's pick really should've been last Friday's pick. And I'll tell you why--I bought the CD last Friday and didn't listen to it until AFTER I wrote about Al Green. Now don't get me wrong, I would've still iPicked Al Green's Stay With Me, but just not that day. I recently made a Genius playlist from it too. But these things happen for a reason. And it makes sense that I waited, and really got to get into this new album. What album do I speak of?

I highly recommend you run and pick up a copy of this masterpiece. Most of you know of my endless search for today's artist with yesterday's sound. That Motowny, classic R&B sounds from the 60's... like The Tempts, Marvin, Smokey, Diana, Four Tops, etc. Joss Stone made the list. Solange made the list. Leela James made the list. I'd even say John Legend made the list. Raphael Saadiq is the list. I couldn't stop listening to this album. I was watching TV and every commercial break I'd switch on iSaac featuring any of the 13 songs from this CD. I will quickly complain about 1 thing I disliked about this nigh-perfect album... It's too short. I don't seriously mind the songs being as short as they are. Again, that's how the songs were back then. But this CD clocks in UNDER an hour. HEY! Compact discs can have up to 74 minutes! And probably more with today's technology! Let's fill it up! I want more! You could have like 21 songs, Saadiq! C'MON! Growl...

So, this is a CD I can listen to all day long and barely skip a track. I've been iPoding it all week. So it's hard to pick just one. So I'll pick three. The first one that caught my attention is actually one of the last songs (and for good reason--save the best for last): Sometimes. This song channels my hero Sam Cooke to a wonderful degree. I was sensing A Change is Gonna Come. No doubt this is a song I'll memorize and sing to myself. Next... Big Easy which is an upbeat fast moving song and an obvious tribute to New Orleans and what happened with Katrina. I couldn't get past the instruments to get that message, but that's why I listen to songs over and over again. Between that jazzy feel this song has and feeling like you are at a jazzy night club, this could easily be one my favorite songs. My third choice would be Calling which has one of those 60's slow jam vibes to it. The earliest song I can think of is Jerry Butler's For Your Precious Love. I actually made a whole playlist of songs past and present that have that sound. Again, it's in the instruments. But this also has a slight latin twist with some Spanish speaking lady soothing the ears of the listen, probably telling the guy why she isn't answering his call. It's a wee bit sad, but I love this song.

I could sit here and tell you about each track, but I won't. It's rare that I find a CD I can listen to from beginning to end and just... love it. But this one has done it. Instant classic and throwback to that classic 60's 70's R&B sounds. Oh, and Stevie Wonder is on this too! I can't tell you enough how awesome this CD is! Eargasms all around! I even put the picture of the album up. But we'll move on.

So I decided to finally post a pciture of my new wall. I forget the official Japanese name for it, but here it is.

It's not the best picture, but I was rushing. I took it at night so I could utilize the lights on my desk to show the bamboo design. You see 5 panels, but there's actually 6. I recently moved it again so you can see it. I didn't take pictures yet. But I will.

I want to talk about the news, but I'll save it for later. What news-worthy topics do I feel like sharing? What else? Politics and the economy. Instead of getting deep into discussion, I'm just going to leave my opinion for both issues in one word that I will elaborate on later: inevitable.


books? what the stank are those?

So I stole this from my good friend Melissa whom I keep stealing things from... I blame her, it's all her fault. But this is about books. All about books. I want people to know I do read occasionally... But let me remind you, its occasionally. Plus you guys know me, my thing is cinema. But as a writer, I know the more you read, the better writer you'll be. It's gotta be true, my hero Sam Cooke said it!

What was the last book you bought?
Literally, it just came in the mail: The Purpose Driven Life and a supplimental book to that called Daily Inspirations.

Name a book you have read MORE than once
Superfudge... But for something more grown up, I "read" The Purpose Driven Life via audio tapes/CDs.

Has a book ever fundamentally changed the way you see life? If yes, what was it?
Again, Purpose Driven Life and 23 Minutes in Hell.

How do you choose a book - eg. by cover design and summary, recommendations or reviews
Let the record show, I'm not an avid book reader. So I used to read when required (in school) but lately, if a book arouses my interest based on description/summary, I'll possibly pick it up. Reviews and recommendations help a lot. But usually, it's my own interest in seeking the book out.

Do you prefer Fiction or Non-Fiction?
Hard to say. Two out of the three books are self-help/DIY/instructional... But one of them is non-fiction. Past books I bought we novelized screenplays... So perhaps it'd be fiction?

What’s more important in a novel - beautiful writing or a gripping plot?
Plot. You can lost in beautiful writing and have no clue what happened for an entire chapter.

Most loved/memorable character (character/book)
Farley Drexel aka Fudge from Superfudge.

Which book or books can be found on your nightstand at the moment?
There's a sketch book on my make-shift night stand. Half of my bed also acts as a night stand, and yesterday I had Illustrations for Biblical Preaching and that's still there now, but I added Playing the Harminca (which has been living in my bookbag) and Our Uncle Sam (which I bought a month ago and only read pieces).

What was the last book you’ve read, and when was it?
In it's entirety--23 Minutes in Hell and I finished that about three-four months ago. I've started three since then that I haven't finished.

Have you ever given up on a book half way in?
Yes. I tried reading a Sherlock Holmes novel. Didn't finish it. I tried reading Lord of the Flies. I lost interest. And I was supposed to read that for school. Guess what, I still passed that test with flying colors. WOOT! WOOT!

guess who's (what's) back?

SAM'S BACK!!! Finally, after about two months, Sam finally comes home from the hospital and sounds better than ever. It better, costing me about 2Gs. I only paid half because that's all I can afford right now. The longer the doctor made me wait, the more the money burned in my pocket. And it wasn't really me that wanted to spend it... It was the bills that took it.

Fortunately, I negotiated to have my car loan extended, and my car insurance payments dropped. That allowed me to pay off other things like my speeding ticket, AAA membership (I'm now a Plus member, yes yes yall!) and my Espanol classes.

What's left on my tab is paying off Purchase loans and Middlesex loans. My wallet won't ever stop crying. Middlesex first, so I can go back to higher education in January. That's the plan anyway. If I can't make it--prostitution. I JEST! I jest. Drugs. Definitely drugs. Again, jokes. I may just take another adult education class, possibly Spanish Dos, or something else like "How to get published"... I think that's what I saw in the catalogue. But that will be a fun class for me. Then I could put some of my typing energy to use, other than entertain the thousands that read my blog.

I wrote another post earlier today which I don't think I'm going to post, or maybe I'll post it later. It was more of a rant on the bipolar disorder, and how it possibly may be linking it to creative people, like myself. I stopped everything to read it, then I responded via my blog in a much longer entry than I usually write. Like I said, it was a rant. To make a long story short, people have suggested I'm bipolar because of the way I am, how I act, and how I feel which changes on a daily basis. A lot of those traits I have are symptoms of bipolarism. I don't think that's a word, but go with it. According to what I read on CNN.com, those same symptoms can be applied to just being human. A crazy human, but a human nonetheless. I go into more about the crazy part, but I'll save it for later.

I had a long meeting today. It was more of a training class. But it was kinda long. Learning a new process to process our files. It's not important. But I love not having to go to the office for these things and practically everyone is on the phone. Unfortunately, people still don't know how to use the MUTE button. Sigh. Moving on...

I also wrote about some redecorating in my office, but I'll save that for later too. I want to try to take pictures and post them at the same time for once. I was going to take a picture of my car, but I had to get back to work and didn't have time. Plus right now, it's not that deep.

What I really want to do is go to sleep. But I want to watch the debate (on CNN). Then tomorrow, I need to make sure I'm registered to vote. I don't think I am. Before I hear gasps across the nation, let me explain--I am registered to vote, I just need to make sure I'm registered in Connecticut. The last time I voted, I was in New York schooling at Purchase. See? Fortunately, CT laws say I have until the day before Election day. Again, don't worry, I'm not going to wait that long. I'll do it a week before.

I may have another post before the night is through, dealing with books. Why the stank would I have a post about books? Well, it interested me when I read it and I want people to know I read more than just Entertainment Weekly. But don't hold your breath... it's not much of a reading list, but possibly insightful nonetheless. (That's twice I used that word today.) Plus it's me we're talking about, of course you'll be interested in what I do when I'm not writing, watching movies or stuffing my face with nutrients. Cinnabon, anyone? (I wish.)


pictures for things i blogged about earlier

So I stopped being lazy and took some pictures... First up--iSaac my new iPod. ...and a Hunts ketchup packet. It came with some food I ordered the other day. By the way, iSaac is showing you movie trailers it's holding, 'cause he's good like that.

This is the thing I referred to in an earlier post. It came in a plastic packaged mailed to my house. This thing was sent from the company I work for, for being at the meeting that I really wasn't. Every "town hall meeting" that occurs, we get stuff. Last time they gave us water bottles, which were actually practical and useful. Before that--another strange weird thingy that's currently collecting dust and I'll never use. What it really is, is this beach thing that you lay on. But when I first received it, it looked like a pillow. A rouch pillow made out of straw. I'd take a picture of that, but I don't remember where I lost it.

After my mother got hers (like 5 minutes later) she told me what it is, and what it's used for. I thought it was a bag. A strange bag. Well, it's got pockets. And everything they give us has the company's name plastered on the side of it. (Obviously I'm showing you the blank side.) I had a co-worker share her view and concern wishing everything didn't say where she worked. I believe we were talking about the water bottle at the time. That's when I tried to see if I could scratch off the letters. It didn't work.

Anyway, this thing is for your butt and/or back. Set this on a rock or disgustingly hard chair, and plat yourself comfortabley there for hours. I don't need this. So far, the things they gave us aren't useful to me in the least. Except the water bottle. I have to go on some websites to see how much these things go for. Why? I wanna know how much money they scrimped and scraped to get these for us.

Now this last picture I wasn't going to include. But I was so proud of my achievements that I had to include it. Tonight I went to my favorite buffet and I always say "I'm gonna bring me a lil baggy to fill me up some food for home!" When I speak out loud, I lose all sense of grammar and how the English language works. Anyway, I snuck a sandwich-sized Ziplock bag hoping to fill it up with the delicious meat they serve. Sadly, I didn't get to fill it, but I did get something in the bag.

Let me tell you about this buffet... It's got great food. But it's technically a Chinese buffet. It looks American because it's got pizza and mac'n'cheese and other Americana foodies that you can't order off a take-out menu. The other thing about this buffet, it's $16 a head for dinner. Lunch or Saturdays are a bit cheaper, but for that amount of money, you want to get your money's worth. Had I thought of my "slide and drop" method sooner, I would've had a bigger score. I rather not describe the slide and drop method, even though there isn't much to it. But I'm not encouraging stealing either. But this isn't stealing. I paid. I just eat it later. In any event, I'm proud of my feat. This is what you expect with someone who loves heist movies. I'm going to have a series of buffet jobs, heistly speaking of course. I don't want to discuss the people who work at those buffets. That's a story for another time. Again, the picture lies to you. It doesn't look like much of a score, but there are delicious BBQ pork strips in that bag... for now.

fripodding and baconing

Last night I had the strongest craving for bacon. Probably due to the delicious pig slices I had that morning. So today, I fried a whole pack, and ate almost half of it. With some scrambled eggs of course.

Before anyone starts to freak out and panic that I'll have health issues later, relax, I plan on going to the gym later and I've cut back on my eggs intake to at least once or twice a week instead of everyday. I'm also one of those types of people that doing/eating something you love everyday will make you not love it anymore. The only thing on that list that might not apply to is girls... but we won't get into that any further.

So today is Friday, and keeping up with what I said I'd do, I must pick something I would iPod all day long. (Not necessarily all day.) But just something I think that needs highlighting. I will first say that I recieved a new iPod. A black 6th generation classic. I know, this means nothing without pictures. Grrr... fine... later.
My iPick would be my iPod... but I don't think I'll allow myself to get away with it that easily. Stay With Me (By the Sea) - Al Green. I would consider this a new classic by the legend known as Mr. Green. Speaking of legends, John Legend is featured in this song too, which gives it plus points for me, being an idol and all. It's an laid back afternoon kind've song. Or maybe a warm summer night groove. Just makes you feel all kinds of good. And it's nice to just lay back and listen to these two soulful artists (some of the living greatest of our time) just let their voices flow and intertwine with each other... as well as cooing to that lady friend they are singing too, asking not to leave. Hey, if it works, I'd do this to every pretty lady I see before they have a chance to leave. Okay, maybe not every lady... because some of them are crazy.
I may be wrong, but I believe this is on Al Green's latest album Lay it Down. I am a fan of the Green one, but I didn't get this album just yet. Don't worry, I will. I picked this one out of Amazon.com while using my Pepsi Points. It's legal, and encouraged. Especially if you drink as much Pepsi as my friends and family do. I refuse to let those codes go to waste. So to anyone out there looking at those numbers and letters that don't make sense, just email them to me. Thanks.
In the meantime, I'm going to go out shopping for an iPod case, and eventually find my way to the gym. I need a name for this iPod too... The Nano was named iPizzle... which sounds like a ghetto slang for urination, I know... But maybe this time around I'll think of something more snazzy. Like "Henry." No it won't be named Henry, but I have a thing for naming inanimate objects with common names, i.e. Sam the car, Jake the chair. How about iSaac, in memory of the great Isaac Hayes. That's it... iSaac. It's weird typing it like that. Oh well, get used to it.
I'm off to find iSaac some clothes!


the nice-ities in life

Ya know what I like? A glass of ice, cracking open a can of Sprite, and pouring my beverage into the glass from a ridicuously high point just to watch it streamline and crash and slash onto the ice below. And of course to witness the bubbles and foaming. I think that's part of the soda expereince. I'm sure there are quality control department personel devoted to this part in the enjoyment process, with clip boards in hand and little rulers measuring the fizz level, timers to see how long it stays bubbly, and microphones tune to hear the crackling and popping. I'm sure of it. They do that for Starbucks coffee. Apparently I watch too much History Channel.

So I got a promotion today. I think I keep saying this... but a lot has happened in the past year. I held 2 jobs for about 4 months, I was in a play on TOP of those 2 jobs. I had went from being a temp to being hired full time with a raise and benefits. I transitioned to a new department. Then I transitioned to work at home. Then I wrote a script in a month! (Thanks Jaden) Then I baked some cookeis and ordered pizzas. Then I saved a bunch of money by switching my car insurance POLICY. (Same company, and it helps to talk to these people instead of ignoring their calls. And no, I'm not with Geico. Or AIG.) Then I ordered my new iPod. I made it back to gym finally, again. Then I got a thngy in the mail for attending a meeting that I didn't attend. (There will be a seperate post about that later.) Then I got promoted with a raise. Then my friend will take me out to lunch to celebrate even though she doesn't know yet. But she's offering to pay, and she's got a strong craving for the buffet with incredibly lower prices than if we went there for dinner. She's a crazy person. In a good way, of course.

Tonight will be some fine entertainment. Biden vs. Palin. I'm starting to think The Office won't be on. But that's okay... there are so many ways to catch TV shows you missed, I love technology. Speaking of shows, I have pretty much every night planned at 9PM. Wanna know my TV schedule aka when-not-to-bother-me-unless-you-are-watching-the-same-thing?

Monday: Heroes.
Tuesday: Fringe. (If I can help it, I'll catch House, although How I Met Your Mother is a pretty funny show.)
Wednesday: Ghost Hunters & Destination Truth.
Thursday: 30 Rock & The Office.
Friday: (I think) Hole in the Wall... until Psych comes back on in January. But that's at 10. So I'd watch Monk just because.
Now some of these times or shows are subject to change, and I'm not always home at 8PM to watch whatever may be on at that time. And Fridays are always gambles because I like to remind myself I have friends or a life outside of my house. Or movies.

Well I need to get back to work before it's lunch time. I'm not where I want to be with my quota just yet. I must make sure I stay worthy of my promotion, ya know? I better get more Spite.