corny bread

To make yet another long story short, my church is doing a chicken dinner which has been planned for the past month and is happening tomorrow... technically today. It's really the men's ministry's baby, but in these 13th hours... however the saying goes... we called upon the help of the women of our church. I remind you, we aren't a big church. Doesn't matter though. Some things had happened and we needed help preparing the food.

My task, besides making flyers and printing up tickets, was to make the cornbread. My mother told me AFTER I made them I should've made them basic, but its too late, plus I told one of my co-workers my "secret ingredient" so she'll be expecting it.

Once again, I'm about to talk about pictures I'm not ready to post. But alas, I will in due time. I know I still need to show off the "junlge" in the dining room. But this was quite a task tonight. I made a total of around 70ish pieces of cornbread. I used 14 boxes, 14 eggs, who knows how much milk, a few cups of sugar, many dashes and dozen of [secrect ingriedient], 7 1/2 sticks of butter, 2 pans, 1 oven, an iPod hooked up to a little but decent speaker system, 2 hours, a few early text messages, a couple burnt fingers and two sore feet. Strangely enough, it didn't take as long as I though, yet, I didn't know how long I would take. Did I lose you? I think with more pans, I may have been done sooner. I never factored in cooling times. I burnt myself a few times being too impatient. But I'm done and they are ready to go. Just need to wrap them in foil so I can bring them to the church.

Now what's a chicken dinner without the chicken? I have to stop by Wal-Mart... for like the 5th time since Thursday to pick up an order of fried chicken. This was not the plan. Like I said, some things happened so this became a plan C. Plan B is still in the works though, but we'd rather be sure than sorry, ya know?

My family, my church, and myself can't wait for this to be over. Especially my parents and I... This has been quite the stressful event. More than it should've been. But hey, we can roll with the punch and remain victorious. It ain't no thang! So we just hope we have enough food for all that pay or come to pay.

I want to plan a little getaway for my parents. They are exhausted. Did I mention ealier this week we had to do a rush move for my grandmother? Within a week, all of her stuff is either in our house or in storage. And my parents are cranky being as tired as they are. Who can blame them. They do more work than our government. Sigh...

Cornbread tomorrow. Yum.

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